Team Members


Web Developer/Founder

Shaun founded Innercircle Design in 2008 because of his passion for technology advancement. He understands the importance of an optimized, user-friendly website. Currently, Shaun possesses multiple certifications and is working towards becoming an Ethical Hacker. When Shaun isn’t working, his eyes are still on the monitors while he is playing video games and doing research.


Professional Writer/Editor

Karen joined Innercircle Design in 2017 to compose and edit website content. As a cum laude graduate of Mount Saint Mary’s Bolte School of Business program, she has proven that her writing and communication skills are proficient. Her attention to detail exponentially increases the success rate of the final product. Relaxing and going bowling are Karen’s favorite pastimes.


Inspirational Speaker/Motivator

Olaf joined Innercircle Design in 2015 as a creative entity to the other team members. He is responsible for promoting smiles and decreasing any form of stress or anxiety. With 4 years of experience, Olaf has exceeded the expectations of this position and continues to improve daily. Playing, treats, and the outdoors fascinates Olaf when he isn’t working hard to keep everyone serene.


Everyone loves looking at beautiful eye candy.